Intel Confirms 14th Gen Raptor Lake Refresh For Mobile And Desktop

It seems that Intel has let the cat out of the bag about a portion of its upcoming 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPU series. Namely, it confirmed that Raptor Lake will be getting a refresh across the board.

As per our earlier report, we mentioned that Intel’s Raptor Lake-U Refresh desktop CPUs would be a part of Rapto Lake Refresh, albeit under a rebranding which sees the removal of the “i” moniker from the Core brand. To be precise, the Raptor Lake-U Refresh will simply be known as Core 3/5/7/9, while the actual 14th Gen CPUs would go by the branding of Core Ultra 3/5/7/9.

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Mind you, that rebranding is only applicable to Raptor Lake Refresh and instead of simplifying matters, the quick explanation and relevant materials from Intel China, some SKUs of Raptor Lake Refresh will still continue to bear the “i” moniker. Specifically, the refresh of Raptor Lake HX and S Series’.

To recap, Core Ultra is going to be the lineup that well and truly differentiates 14th Gen Meteor Lake from the rest of the crowd, but at the same time, Raptor Lake Refresh will be part of the same generation of products, but not the HX and S Refresh lineup. The latter two will still bear the “I” moniker, with HX Refresh being relegated to mobile and the S Refresh to Desktop. Again, we know it is confusing, but it is what it is.

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For that matter, the move to rebrand the labelling of its Core lineup may be partially due to Intel wanting to celebrate a milestone of sorts with Meteor Lake; the 14th Gen lineup will be the first in the lineup to be based on the company’s new Intel 4 process node, which is the chipmaker’s own name for its own 7nm die lithography. For that matter, it is also the first process node to be made using the EUV technology, as well as the next hurdle it needs to move past before it can ultimately move on to the next process, dubbed Intel 18A.

(Source: Videocardz)

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