Grab’s PayLater Payment Options Now Available At Physical Stores

Grab PayLater

Grab has now allowed users to utilize its PayLater payment options at physical stores of selected merchants. Prior to this, PayLater can only be used for Grab services and online shopping.

The list of merchants that allows the in-store PayLater option is currently not that extensive though. Among the tech-related outfit in the list includes All IT Hypermarket, Bose, KTS Cellular, and Mobile2Go.

Grab PayLater
Grab’s PayLater Postpaid (L) vs PayLater Instalments (R). [Image: Grab.]

In case you are not familiar with this feature, there are two types of plans with one of them being the PayLater Postpaid. For this particular route, you can consolidate all of the charges for your GrabFood, GrabMart, GrabExpress and Grab rides into a single bill that you can pay at the end of the month by using your GrabPay balance.

You can also choose to use it when you shop at selected merchants. Meanwhile, the second plan is called the PayLater Instalments in which you can split your Grab purchases into four interest-free monthly instalments although this option can’t be used for Grab services.

Regardless of the plan that you choose, the payment settlement will be deducted automatically from your GrabPay wallet. If the balance is not sufficient, then the funds in the wallet will be replenished from a linked credit or debit card before the bill amount is deducted.

Grab PayLater CTOS
This is what eligible applicants would see if they passed the CTOS check. [Image: Grab.]
Grab PayLater CTOS
These are the errors that would appear for applicants that don’t have a credit score (L) or failed their CTOS check (R). [Image: Grab.]

Before one can utilize these options, they need to be activated first through the Finance section of the Grab app. The actual amount of the PayLater limit varies from one user to another based on their profile and payment practices.

On top of that, the eligibility verification process also now includes credit checks by the well-known credit reporting agency, CTOS. This particular addition does not apply to existing users that already activated the PayLater option as it will only be performed on new PayLater applicants starting from today, 30 November onwards.

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