Experience The Future Of Unifi With Their Newest Store In IOI City Mall

unifi ioi city mall

Unifi has now opened its doors to the latest iteration of their stores to date. Located in IOI City Mall at Putrajaya, TM’s new retail touchpoint is here to simplify your tech shopping experience with all the latest features that you can access in person or online. 

Best said by the telco itself, “Your Next is Now.” From getting hands-on experience with the latest tech to receiving consultations outside of the physical store, Unifi will be moving towards customer-first solutions to best suit you. Here’s what you need to know.

Uniting for a more Connected and Faster Malaysia

unifi ioi city mall
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Since the start of 2023, TM has taken the necessary steps to become a more human-centred TechCo. To serve customers, both physically and digitally, more efficiently, TM has consolidated their business into a single entity.  As the only quad-play service, i.e. offering fixed voice and broadband, mobile and entertainment, and business solutions for consumers and micro- to medium-sized enterprises, Unifi has the incredible capability to serve a wide range of people from diverse customer segments. 

While the pandemic may have hastened the need for digital stores and contactless transactions, physical stores are still essential for a more streamlined customer service and product experience. TM wants to ensure that all customers have access to their preferred method of interacting with their respective Unifi touchpoints and have now launched the first of its new Unifi Stores in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

The company has taken the initiative to completely revamp their retail experience while carefully considering the needs of various population segments, from urban centres to underserved areas. Aimed to be released in phases, the new Unifi Store will serve as a one-stop shop for solutions and services, making it easy and convenient for customers and businesses to be served.

unifi ioi city mall
Image: Unifi

With the store in IOI City Mall being the first, TM will launch even more brand-new Unifi Stores in the Klang Valley, which will become the future of its retail experiences. Other locations opening soon will be in Setapak and Shah Alam.

From sales to services and much more, these outlets aim to fulfil today’s digital lifestyle by providing impeccable support and service to customers at a moment’s notice. Designed to fit the needs of the communities in which they are located, TM will launch four types of stores, which will function alongside its online customer service portals and apps for a seamless online-to-retail experience. These four stores include:

  • Experience – a multi-sensory experience, Experience Stores will feed customers’ curiosity and inspire them to engage with and discover how various digital products can enhance their lives;
  • Hub – offering digital education and awareness, Hub Stores provide spaces for communities and MSMEs to learn about technology and adopt digitalisation through seamless, delightful experiences; 
  • Connect – a go-to place to make customers’ lives easier, Connect Stores serve as one-stop spaces for users and MSMEs to receive human and digital support, as well as consultative guidance on services and products; 
  • Express – to be established in both convenient and under-serviced locations, Express Stores provide quick purchase, payment, and servicing outlets that also ensure consistency in the tools and technology offered to customers.

What has Changed with TM’s Retail & Customer Experience

unifi ioi city mall
Image: Unifi

With the Unifi Store at IOI City Mall being the first to receive a redesign, these stores provide proactive guidance on solutions that suit the customers’ needs, personalising all customer interactions and encompassing out-of-store engagements.

Through TM’s services and technologies, customers gain the best of both virtual and physical experiences, including, for the first time, a variety of devices in-store to support customers’ need to feel, touch, and experience products before purchasing.

unifi ioi city mall
Image: Unifi

These one-stop spaces offer personalised, focused consultations and support. Here, you have the chance to learn something new by checking out the “Plan Recommender” product launch pad, smart mobile devices, wearable devices, and a Unifi Business Wall.

They also offer tiered servicing options, which include kiosks, general counter assistance, and private rooms for more personalised service needs. Additionally, you can skip the line as you can now pre-book your appointments for your convenience. Furthermore, they also provide straightforward services which can be done via web and portal; you’ll also receive support from beyond the store via digital follow-ups to summarise visits and offer future assistance.

What can you look forward to next?

unifi ioi city mall

TM will continue to open new Unifi Stores throughout the Greater Klang Valley in the coming months, mirroring the future of its retail and customer service experience. Each store will adapt to better serve its diverse customer base, transforming into venues for educational and inspirational experiences on how technology can change people’s lives and businesses.  

Though IOI City Mall focuses on fast and efficient solutions that make life easier, the telco will also launch experiential stores with other unique features, serving as digital hubs within communities. More information on TM’s exciting future of customer and retail experiences and its upcoming Unifi New Stores will be revealed soon.

In the meantime, if you’d like to learn more about Unifi’s latest store or to see more of it yourself, kindly visit them at L3-201, East Court, IOI City Mall, 62502, Selangor, Putrajaya.

This article is brought to you by Unifi.

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