Towards a Future of One-of-a-Kind Cherished Vehicles Aligned with Personal Values

Toyota City, Japan, Oct 16, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Toyota will be exhibiting at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, to be held from Thursday, October 26 to Sunday, November 5*, with a booth themed “Let’s Change the Future of Cars―Find Your Future.”

In this first announcement of models to be exhibited at the booth, Toyota reveals some of the design details for two battery electric vehicle (BEV) concept models, the FT-3e and the FT-Se.

The two concept models―the SUV-type FT-3e and the sporty FT-Se―will present a future transformed by electrification and intelligence, along with the new experience value offered by cars. Toyota believes that future mobility will go beyond providing physical transportation tools to becoming a lifestyle partner closely aligned with each customer’s individual values. Alongside the highly responsive controls and captivating designs unique to BEVs, these models evolve into one-of-a-kind cherished vehicles by offering the joy of personal ride customization, as well as convenient functions for stress-free browsing of local area information while onboard.

Details of the new experience value offered by cars will be released in upcoming announcements. We look forward to welcoming visitors to the Toyota booth.

Exhibit models


Main features

  • A next-generation BEV concept model that will enrich customers’ daily lives with new driving experiences and personalized services powered by innovative technologies.
  • It also contributes to achieving carbon neutrality and creating a better world by connecting to society as a transfer medium for energy and data from the vehicle and its surroundings.


  • An exterior design that combines both advanced styling and aesthetics while keeping the lines and surfaces that make up the body as simple as possible.
  • Digital displays running from the lower side body to the upper door provide information, including battery charge, onboard temperature, and interior air quality when the driver approaches the car.


Main features

  • A high-performance sports BEV model proposed as one of the options for sports cars in the carbon-neutral era, incorporating the expertise gained in TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s efforts to make ever-better cars through motorsports.
  • Pursuing further handling stability and aerodynamic performance, the FT-Se shares major components with the FT-3e. Toyota set out to create a car that continues to grow with the driver through software updates.


  • Wide and low proportions, along with a sleek, cutting-edge silhouette, reduce aerodynamic drag.
  • The next-generation cockpit offers intuitive controls and a more immersive driving experience.
  • A low instrument panel profile ensures high visibility. Newly designed kneepads protect the body from G-forces during driving.

*Held at Tokyo Big Sight (Koto-ku, Tokyo)
October 25-26: press, October 26-27: special invitation, etc., October 28-November 5: general public

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