Fujitsu and TOPPAN Holdings collaborate to expand medical big data business

TOKYO, Oct 18, 2023 – (JCN Newswire via – Fujitsu Limited and TOPPAN Holdings Inc. today concluded a business alliance agreement to jointly promote the medical big data business with the aim of promoting research and development utilizing medical big data under Japan’s Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act (1) and realizing a healthy and long-lived society by creating new industries and businesses.

By combining TOPPAN Holdings’ analytical technology with Fujitsu’s data cleansing technology in an anonymously processed electronic medical record database, the alliance will promote the analysis of medical big data with higher precision and the provision of services that support research and development in medical care. In the future, the companies will jointly promote the use of a variety medical and health data for its customers in Japan, including anonymously processed electronic medical record data.


TOPPAN Holdings has set “Digital & Sustainable Transformation” as its key concept, and one of its new business areas is the healthcare business. Among other initiatives, TOPPAN Holdings is driving digital transformation (DX) to promote the medical big data business with an analysis service based on anonymously processed electronic medical record data held by the Japan Medical Association Medical Information Management Organization (J-MIMO), a certified producer of anonymously processed medical information under the Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act.

Under Fujitsu Uvance, which aims to realize a sustainable world, Fujitsu promotes “Healthy Living” focusing on improving the life experience of all people. To this end, Fujitsu has been advancing the utilization of data in the medical field by leveraging the code and master management methods of electronic medical record data, data cleansing technology cultivated in the electronic medical record system business, for which it has the top market share in Japan (2). Fujitsu also draws on its AI technologies including medical data analysis technology, unique expressions and relation extraction.

Partnership Overview

Through this partnership, the companies aim to increase the volume of data including anonymized electronic medical records used for data analysis, and to link the two companies’ expertise in the use of medical data with their data platforms to provide more advanced analysis services for pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions.

Development and provision of data analysis services TOPPAN Holdings will introduce electronic medical record data anonymously processed by J-MIMO into its medical information analysis and provision service, “DATuM IDEA®”. Fujitsu’s data cleansing platform helps to structure each hospital’s medical data in a different data format. This will enable highly accurate analysis, accelerate drug safety and efficacy evaluation, and contribute to more effective and efficient drug development and the realization of personalized medicine using databases. Fujitsu will develop SaaS analytics services for pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions using anonymized electronic medical record data. Aiming to improve the efficiency of the drug development process and improve the quality of medical care, Fujitsu will develop services such as medical data visualization and ad hoc analysis, promoting the use of medical AI models such as prediction and foreshadowing in research and development.Increase in electronic medical record data in data analysis Together with medical institutions and J-MIMO, the companies will collect previously unused data items, such as discharge summaries, nursing records, and surgical records, in addition to medically relevant information stored in electronic records, to increase the data used for analysis. This will contribute to the realization of personalized medicine by allowing administrators to grasp the individual patients’ conditions in more detail.Future Plans

The two companies will promote initiatives based on this alliance and contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy and the realization of a sustainable society by jointly conducting analysis and research on electronic medical record data.

[1] Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act :The official name is “Act on Anonymized Medical Data That Are Meant to Contribute to Research and Development in the Medical Field”. A law to promote the use of anonymously processed medical information, such as medical examination results and medical records, in research and development in the medical field.
[2] The electronic medical record system business, which has the top market share in Japan :Based on “Hospital information system (HIS) operation status” in the “Medical Device System White Paper 2022” of M-E Promote Association Ltd.

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