Shaping a Green Future for Textile Industry- Aimer 2024 New Presentation of Seaweed Fiber Pajamas

BEIJING, May 20, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – Environmental protection has become a common challenge of all humanity, as the global warming is worsening and natural resources are falling short. Aimer Group, a textile leader, presented its answer to this global issue with its practical actions and developed, with the exclusive technical support of the State Key Laboratory, the world’s high-end marine natural multi-functional underwear for the first time in May 2023. Thanks to its one-year technological accumulation, Aimer launched a newly upgraded seaweed fiber series overseas in 2024, leading the green revolution of the textile scene once again.

Seaweed fiber: a Double Guarantee of Both Environmental Protection and Health

Worldwide, as environmental protection has become a key part of corporate social responsibility, a growing number of consumers are going for sustainable and green products, driving the global textile industry towards a path of green development. Aimer Group, therefore, jumps on the bandwagon and utilizes the seaweed fiber to meet the needs of consumers for healthy and comfortable products, and to demonstrate its commitment and contribution to environmental protection efforts.

By propelling its industrial application of high yarn count seaweed fiber, Aimer Group looks to hugely enhance the quality and comfort of the fabrics, and demonstrate its leading position and technological strengths in the field of green textiles. What’s more, seaweed fiber pajamas features a pipeline of patented technologies, including glued clothes-making method, utility model patent for sleep wear, and edge-shrinkage structure patent, while strictly following four execution standards of AAA-level antibacterial function, anti-mite performance, breathability, and hyaluronic acid content, providing consumers with comprehensive health protection.

Market recognition: the Double Glory of Both Quality and Innovation

Seaweed fiber pajamas, thanks to its stellar quality and innovative design, has been awarded the title of “Designated Product at the Chinese Sleep Congress” and stood out in the International Awards of Golden Sleep 2023. Winning two Awards of the “Annual Selected Sleep Equipment of Better Sleep Choice” and “Annual Innovative Business Practice”, seaweed fiber pajamas has fully demonstrated its remarkable performance and innovative strength.

As quality sleep is crucial for our health and quality of life, Aimer strives to present better sleep from the healthy and comfortable seaweed fiber to more consumers. Since 2010, Aimer Group has been making inroads into overseas markets and bringing high-quality underwear to consumers across the globe. Specifically, the Group has seen its business presence in a great many overseas boutique shops, serving as a bridge to interact with overseas consumers. Seeking to showcase Aimer’s exquisite craftsmanship and unique design, these shops have also conveyed Aimer’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Looking ahead to the future, Aimer Group will adhere to its environment efforts and innovative design to grow the textile industry in a green way; Besides, the Group, through its innovative technology, will produce more green and healthy products and services, and contribute to the sustainable development of our planet Earth by working with global partners.

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