ORIGYN Technology Empowers Creation of Digital Certificates for Metalor Gold Bars

NEUCHATEL, SWITZERLAND, Oct 5, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SeaPRwire.com) – ORIGYN Foundation, the Swiss nonprofit dedicated to creating powerful biometric digital certificates that prove authenticity, identity and ownership of valuable assets, today announced a collaboration with Metalor to certify the authenticity and ownership of select physical gold bars.


ORIGYN’s Digital certification enables the gold industry, in collaboration with Metalor and Yumi.io marketplace, to redefine how businesses and consumers certify, transact and own precious metals. The ORIGYN Digital Certificate powers this process through unprecedented certificate storage and security, as well as the underlying non-fungible token (NFT) technology that ties physical objects immutably to asset data and digital experiences.

Metalor, one of the world’s most trusted gold refiners since 1852, refines gold in accordance with the highest industry standards. Metalor sources gold from selected countries and sustainably refines the precious metal into 99.99% pure gold bars from one of the five Metalor refineries all LBMA-certified across three continents. The end result is a traceable gold bar-complete with grading, weight, certification and sourcing information-all stamped directly on the physical asset. Now, leveraging ORIGYN’s powerful certification technology for select gold bars, this information will be securely recorded in a permanent, immutable digital certificate.

ORIGYN offers the most powerful digital certificate solution in the market, storing up to 3.5GB of data. This includes documents and technical information, as well as multimedia elements such as video, high-resolution images and entire applications.

ORIGYN Digital Certificates are stored entirely on the blockchain, meaning they cannot be tampered with, lost or falsified. They also enable a host of value-added services, including applications to engage with consumers, insurance information, warranties, lost and stolen alerts, financing and collateralization, bequeathals, proof of heritage, appraisal history, services records and more.

ORIGYN’s digital certificate continues to uncover novel use cases across industry in response to the growing demand for digital certification. In the case of gold certification, the newly launched gold project, GLD NFT, is now selling the digitally-certified Metalor gold bars on Yumi.io marketplace, increasing access to and transparency across the gold market.

The certificate for the GLD NFT project includes two high-resolution images of the gold bar, its unique serial number, technical information on weight, purity, dimension and hardness, stock audit verification from globally recognized auditors and a certificate of authenticity.

“Digital certificates have the power to transform entire industries and revolutionize investment opportunities by providing secure, transparent and accessible ways to verify ownership and authenticity. By leveraging blockchain technology, ORIGYN is at the forefront of this transformation, creating a new standard for how physical assets are bought, sold, owned and transacted,” said ORIGYN Co-Founder Gian Bochsler, who also spearheads the independent GLD NFT project. “We believe this technology has the potential to unlock tremendous value and opportunities across the entire precious metals sector.”

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