Communications Association of Hong Kong supports the initiatives on communications industry in the Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address

HONG KONG, Oct 25, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) fully supports the Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address, in particular Strengthening Hong Kong’s role as a regional communications hub.

CAHK welcomes the Hong Kong SAR Government’s planning in the four specific areas:   (1) “Further enhance the overall coverage of 5G network by expediting the expansion of mobile network infrastructure in rural and remote areas, making more 5G spectrum available to mobile network operators through auctions and co-ordinating with relevant organizations to enhance the 5G network capacity at major public event venues, e.g. Central Harbourfront Event Space, Hong Kong Coliseum, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, AsiaWorld-Expo, etc.”  (2) “Continue with the legislative amendment work by introducing an amendment bill of the Telecommunications Ordinance into the LegCo by end-2023 and revising the relevant guidelines to ensure that appropriate space will be made available in new buildings for the installation of telecommunications facilities by mobile network operators.”  (3) “Continue to strive to assist mobile network operators in installing radio base stations, including opening up some 1 500 government premises for such installation by the operators.”  (4) “Continue to provide fi­nancial incentives to encourage ­fixed network operators to extend ­fibre-based networks to 235 villages in remote areas, with a view to progressively completing the relevant works by 2026.”

CAHK is also pleased to see that the issue of the labor force has been addressed by including the establishment of the Hong Kong Institute of Information Technology in the Policy Address. This initiative is of great significance as it aims to nurture local talents in the information technology sector, which will contribute to sector’s long-term growth and sustainability.

CAHK actively participated in the Consultation Section of Policy Address 2023, contributing insights and recommendations. We are pleased to see that the Policy Address incorporates a significant portion of our input, reflecting the government’s receptiveness to stakeholders’ perspectives.

As an industry association, CAHK remains dedicated to actively engaging in policy discussions and collaborating with the government. We strive to create an environment that fosters innovation, enhances connectivity, and reinforces Hong Kong’s position as a regional leader in the communications field.

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CAHK is a non-profit making organisation incorporated in Hong Kong on 27 May 1983 following the announcement of deregulation of local communication products and services. It is the association for Hong Kong’s communications industries, with responsibilities across broadcasting, wireline and wireless communications, and other sectors in information communications technology.

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